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Hair Clog Blaster
Hair Clog Blaster

Whink® Hair Clog Blaster!® is a fast acting bathroom drain opener designed to specifically attack and break down hair clogs!

Hair is the biggest bathroom drain clog problem and Hair Clog Blaster!® is the answer!

  • Professional strength liquid formula
  • Pours through standing water
  • Attacks and breaks down hair and soap scum
  • Safe on all pipes and septic systems


Price: $6.51
 Whink Stories
I lose hair in the shower every day due to a medical condition as well as the meds that treat it & we suffer some pretty terrible clogs, semi- regularly. We tried physically removing the clog, but due to the hardware in our drain (which is a rental) & it being beond the trap, we were unable to get it. We picked up your Hair Clog Blaster & within minutes, it drained faster than when we moved in! We love your products! Thank you for making an awful chore so much less of a nightmare!
--Kristi, Sheyboygan, WI
Just wanted to tell you I just used your Hair Clog Blaster to unclog a bathroom sink and even as I was putting it in I made a bet that it wouldn't work--and I lost the bet with myself. It worked and I am very happy.
--Dale S., Plano, TX