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Rust Stain
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Rust Stain Remover
Rust Stain Remover

Rust Stain Remover in the "brown bottle" has been the #1 pure liquid rust stain remover since 1947!!!

This convenient liquid formula quickly and easily removes rust stains from white sinks and white toilets, as well as colorfast fabric and carpets.


Price: $4.07
 Whink Stories
Hi Guys, Just a note to tell you how much I love your product. I have a well & yours is the only answer to get the rust stains out of the bathroom! Love Love Love, Thanks again.
--Leslie A., Hammonton, NJ
This Whink Rust Remover product is the best solution I have found for removing rust stains in my toilet, bathtub and sink. I tell everyone I know about it. I have not found anything else to beat it.
--Dorothy & Joe G., Enigma, Georgia
I love this product. I've tried all rust removers & only this one works.
--Charlie H., Denmark, South Carolina
We live in a rual area and if we accidently let the softner salt run low - rust in toilets quickly. Thank you for a product that WORKS!
--Marlene F., Wapakoneta, Ohio
I love the Rust Stain Remover! It's amazing!
--Patricia S., Grant, Florida
I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your product! I moved where we have well water and Whink gets out the rust stain like a dream. Thank you. Thank you!
--Tammy M., Mogadore, Ohio
Just purchased your rust removing product, used on my toilets (2) and Bathroom sinks (2) and stubborn rust stains are gone!!!!! Love this product and will be using from now on !!!
--Janet H., East Otto, NY
I want to compliment you on the Whink Rust Stain remover. I had a crocheted doily that had rust spots when the pins rusted. When I sprayed Whink on the spots, they disappeared in less than 10 seconds.
--Leala C., Vancouver, WA
The Whink Rust remover is the best! We have a well and the rust stains were hard to keep up with until I discovered Whink I now give it to friends as part of house warming gifts and they are all raving about how great it is and where can they get more
--Annette P., Monroe Twp, NJ
Have never used your brown bottle of rust remover, but was desperate to get the rust out of my toilet. I have tried everything including standard products, car, rust removers and mr. Clean sponges everything. I was desparite to find something that worked. I found this on a Walmart shelf, but a small amount on the stubborn stains that haven't been able to be removed in 6 months and they disappeared, instantly. Thank you so much, we live in Indiana and have some of the hardest water I have ever seen. Your product is amazing and I will stock two or three bottles in my cupboard.
--Betty O., Hoagland, IN