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Why Whink Mossy Oak



What Makes Whink Mossy Oak Scent Control Products the Best?


Whink Mossy Oak scent control products’ superior formulations are the result of Whink’s seventy years of cleaning experience and relentless commitment to excellence.

Unlike other scent control brands, Whink Mossy Oak products are formulated, tested, and manufactured by Whink in Eldora, Iowa where Whink has been manufacturing specialty cleaners since 1947.  Most other scent control brands purchase filled bottles with stock formulas from contractors and rely on marketing hype to sell their products.

Also, unlike other scent control brands, Whink Mossy Oak scent control products are uniquely formulated using the most effective ingredients for each application.  For example, we know the ingredients that work best at cleaning clothes are not the same ingredients that make a highly effective field spray.  Different odors require different active ingredients.

Lastly, unlike other scent control brands, we perfect our formulas with laboratory testing and by testing them against the competition.  We keep formulating until laboratory tests prove that our products are superior at eliminating human and environmental odors and last the longest.  You can’t do this with stock products purchased from contract bottlers.

When you use Whink Mossy Oak scent control products you benefit from seventy years of cleaning know-how and extensive in-house product development – no other scent control brand can make those claims.

Lab tested, field proven.

Born and made by Whink in the USA.